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Segments of Clients' Sessions


Releasing Fear of Loneliness. Inspired by the past life regression session with the client that healed her fear of loneliness for good.

Fear of Loneliness, according to the statistical data, is one of the major causes of depression, anxiety, and other emotional/mental disorders. What is it this fear then? Where it comes from? Where it derives its power from? Is there anything we can do to release its dreaded hold of us? The purpose of this video is to attempt to inquire into these questions so that to see if the loneliness is in fact this big scary monster as the fear of it portrays or perhaps it's rather our allies on our way to freedom, peace, love.

Reclaim Life Back - Healing of Childhood Trauma.For a sensitive, curious, a free-spirited child living with controlling, authoritative parents can be a challenge that often leads to the long-lasting emotional scars, well to the adulthood, compounded by the events in the adult life. In this session she’s reliving the experience and processes emotions that help her realize her power over her own life and reclaim it back.

An Important Message from a Life As a Butterfly. A profound life purpose and a message revealed through the simple life of a butterfly. "What is your life purpose? "Just being a butterfly!" How simple yet profound! Be yourself, as God created you to be. Trust Him and enjoy your life then joy, happiness and freedom will naturally become your intrinsic qualities. Wow! Take a listen.

The Teaching by Negative Energy. The client comes for her Quantum healing session, and one of the questions on her list is about powerful "negative" energy she has experienced in her hand a few months ago. The feeling, or rather the presence of this "negative" energy has bothered and frustrated my client but no matter what she tried to do she couldn't seem to be able to release this energy. Listen to this powerful segment of the session where client's Higher Self explains the reason this energy has shown up for this client as to enable her to see and believe in her own power, strength and her worth so that the fear of perceived negative energies could be released. "Stay strong, don't give away your power, don't give in to fear, and eventually it will subside, and negative forces will leave" - this is a powerful message from Higher Realm to take with us, isn't it?

Amazing Heart Centered Connection!

I had a session with Irene today and thoroughly enjoyed it! Being a very heart centered being, it was easy to feel supported and the energy of sincere love and care. She carried me to a past life and supported me in being able to receive clear messages from my Higher Self which was absolutely wonderful! Their is a specific event that I finally feel I have solid explanations and understandings about. Thank you Irene!

Christine S. Feb 10, 2019

Past life regression

Dear Irene, thank you for a wonderful past life experience. You are a caring, thoughtful, and very spiritual guide. I am pleased with my results and I have you to thank for it. You are truly special!

M.L June 20, 2019


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