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Past Life Regression with Irene Erin Aslin| What You Need to Know |How Can It Help You

I’ve been receiving many questions from you about quantum hypnosis and past life regression and what does it mean to have Past Life Regression session with me.

Before we go any further let me quickly introduce myself to those who doesn’t know me. I have been trained and certified in Dolores Cannon Quantum healing hypnosis technique; I am a certified Beyond Quantum Healing Practitioner, and a certified Intuitive Counselor. I’ve been also trained and certified in Trauma Recovery Hypnosis & Reiki Energy Healing. Having been on a spiritual quest through all my life, I met with spiritual teachers who opened the floodgates to self-recognition that led to revelations and direct experiences, which I talk about in my videos on YouTube. These sacred knowledge and my clairvoyant abilities have become instrumental in my work with clients.

So, Quantum Hypnosis/Past Life Regression session consists of three parts: pre-talk/interview, the hypnosis/past life regression itself, and post-talk, and may take from 4.5 to 5-6 hrs depending on the length of each part, which varies between individuals.

People come to me from all walks of life looking for help, advice and support in understanding & resolving issues in various aspects of their lives – relationships, career, emotional issues such as stress, anxiety, fear, loneliness, decision making or looking for answers to their questions – personal, spiritual, universal and so on. Past Life Regression is part of Quantum Hypnosis modalities. It helps us discover what had happened in our past lives that negatively affect our current lives. It gives us an opportunity to connect with our Higher Self to receive answers to our life questions, understand the purpose of our experiences and learn from them, discharge negative emotions and beliefs, heal and change our lives for the better. Let’s look at the session in more details.


I interview my clients talking about their life, their childhood, relationships, issues and questions. During this preliminary part many of my clients’ questions are already getting answered as the client’s Higher Self, Spiritual Guides as well as my Higher Self, Spiritual Guides, Angels and Archangels are already present and they lead the discussion by channeling through me. So, as one of my client’s said, it’s like a light bulb suddenly went on and he were able to clearly see the root cause of some issues he had questions about, and the answers to its resolution. Nothing magical to it though as all the answers lie inside us - we just haven’t been taught to pay attention to them. Our Higher Self (our True Self/Super Conscious/God/Absolute/Source) – that Inner voice that knows everything about us - It loves us to the core, and cares about us. It speaks to us all the time, but we don’t hear it as it’s voice soft and quiet and it’s covered by the noisy chat of our Ego that we all got accustomed to. This is the main root-cause of our suffering as our Ego, our conscious mind doesn’t have our best interests at hand. So, Quantum healing hypnosis/Past Life regression session is an opportunity for us to not only go through our past or future lives, life between lives and so on, but also is an opportunity for us to understand the root-cause of impediments in our current life as they relate to the events in our other lives, take lessons, and heal through forgiveness, realization and love. It’s also an opportunity for us to get in-touch with the Higher Self to receive guidance during the session and going forward. So, during this pre-talk part my clients usually receive insights and revelations that answer many of their questions even before the hypnosis part starts. Here, I also explain to them what will be done during the hypnosis part, take them through the brief focusing and imagination exercise to prepare for their hypnosis session. In this part client’s intensions for the session have been set.

The Hypnosis Session:

I am using variety of hypnotherapy inductions based on what I’ve learned in my quantum healing hypnosis/past life regression and other hypnosis trainings as well as my own experience. The sessions are never alike as clients may go to their past life or future lives, or earlier times in the current life or travel through different dimensions, other realms of our convoluted Universe, and beyond so that it serves their higher benefits addressing relationships, emotional and other issues. I am using my guiding voice and energy channeled from the Higher Vibration Beings to release energy blocks and to deepen relaxation so that the client may experience their journey to the fullest, and receive answers and healing as the Higher Self finds appropriate without their Ego interjecting. On this journey they can meet with their beloved who crossed over and will have an opportunity to ask them for forgiveness, or grant forgiveness so that the peace will abide in their heart. They may also ask questions and receive profound advises. Sometimes, depending on client’s beliefs, they may be surrounded and guided by their Guardian Angels, Archangels, and Ascended Masters that may appear to them in the way that is most meaningful to the client – human-like form, cluster of colors, direct knowing, and so on addressing client’s issues and questions. Other times, the client may go to a spiritual realm, to the Source of all and receive direct understanding and guidance. Most of the time, when the client’s journey through time and space is complete, I call upon their Higher Self to provide insights, explanation and guidance to the client. The session concentrates on forgiveness, realization and love. I video and audio record this part of the session for the client’s personal use.


Here we have a brief sum-up discussion going over the key points of the client’s hypnosis session. I am giving the client their recordings and post-session instructions to take home with them. The session is strictly confidential and no parts of the session - video or audio will ever be shared without client’s consent. Their true names or personal information will never ever be revealed.

Follow-up instructions:

Listening to a recording is very important especially in the first 3 days after the session as the Higher Self is very active during this time. The client may remember things which they didn’t say out loud for the recording to capture. It’s also not uncommon to have more details come in and sometimes even entirely new scenes. Even after these initial days however, I recommend my clients to listen to the recording so that the words of the Higher Self will be more and more accepted and integrated into their everyday consciousness and therefore, they will have a very high chance of taking action on any advice provided.

So, this concludes an overview of quantum healing hypnosis/past life regression session with me. For more information, please visit my website at www.erinaslin.com or my youtube channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCg6ymbWts5XtrOUNixOJDoQ. If you’re interested in what I have to say, please feel free to Subscribe to my youtube channel by clicking the Subscribe button. Also, check notification icon if you want receive notifications of my future releases.

As always, next time we will be talking about topics that come up during my channeling, or quantum healing hypnosis /past life regression sessions.

In the meantime, stay safe and focus on the positive.

Much love & blessings!

Irene Erin Aslin



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