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Segments of Clients' Sessions

The Judgment’s happening right now| Past life regression| [83] 

This is an excerpt from QHHT Past life regression session, in which the King of the Underworld explains that the judgement is happening right now as people are going to be tested hard for their believes and who they are. He delivers an important message to Light workers. See full version at:
Reptilians feed on fear| Defenders of life on planets| Past Life Regression| [86]  
This is an excerpt from the QHHT Past life regression session, in which the client sees himself as a Light Being who, together with other Light Beings, comes on the spaceship to visit the planet they seeded. There is another spaceship who suddenly shows up and attack the planet by throwing deadly weapons. Beings in this ship are Reptilians who haven’t noticed the Light Being’s spaceship, which was hidden in the clouds. The Light beings take Reptilians ship into their spaceship (by using light beams that emanate from their spaceship) and bring them out to authorities. See the full version at:
63- Messages from Grey Extraterrestrial| QHHT Past life regression| [63]
In this Quantum healing hypnosis regression session the client's been assisted in the release of Anger and stagnant energy. The Grey ET comes through and delivers profound messages on the topics of polarization of good and bad, greed and compassion, darkness and Light, explains illusion of motion and time, transcendence to New Earth and the importance of transformation of Darkness to Light.

Let go of Fear & Anxiety| Past Life RegressionIrene [84]
This is an excerpt from QHHT Past life regression, in which with the help of Arch Michael the client was released from her fear and anxiety. See full version at:

Quantum hypnosis healing place
Quantum hypnosis healing place

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