Segments of Clients' Sessions

QHHT: Release of stagnant energies| Gift Of the Crystal| Communication with the Higher Consciousness (VIDEO).

As she goes through her past life, she founds herself in a huge field: half-golden, half-darkened. There is a "scary" dark house in front of her she feels an unexplainable pull to go in. Fearful, she goes in anyway encouraged by the support of Archangels and her guardian Angels. As she gets into the house, she feels heavy stagnant energy emanated from the dead bodies. The spirits of dead bodies are desperate to be released to the Light and so they are released. Later the Higher Self explains that the spirits of dead bodies and its release is symbolic representation of stagnant feelings and emotions the client had to face and release so that the Light can go in. She's receiving a gift of Crystal of Light for her courage and surrender. The Higher Self answers questions about the challenging times for humanity.
The Creator of the planet of "Bird People."| Light beings vs. Reptilians| Past Life Regression (VIDEO.) 
In this quantum hypnosis/past life regression session, the client "sees" himself as a Light Being who “seeds” the planets, or in other words, originate life on the planets that can sustain it. He is very tall, 15 feet or so. He could take any form or shape, and he could make himself either visible or not to humans of the planet. When visible, people worship him as their god. In this session, Light Beings seeded the planet of “Bird People” that are called this way since they worships birds - the golden statues of birds.
As the Light Being has explained, the reason the Bird People worship birds could be the fact that they see the spaceships the Light Beings hover above the planet in so that they consider them their gods. Light Beings as “seeders of the planets” protect the people of this planet from Reptilians. They defeat Reptilians and take them to a special planet where they spend the rest of their lives Light Beings come from God source. They “seed” the planets by employing their thought energy. The thoughts are not to create something precisely, like “humans” but rather to create life and then over time life develops. There are different planets, like “red planet” and so the life forms are different there. The main role of Light Beings is to "seed" the planets, although on occasion they also observe, guide and protect people of the planets they've seeded. What motivates the Light Beings to create life on the planets? To spread love. Reptilians come over to collect and destroy humans. Fear is required for humans to become victims of Reptilians. Pleiadians and some other aliens usually protect people from Reptilians and other attackers. Does this story remind you of something? Yup, the Earth – it’s beginning, its evolution - the way we were “seeded,” guided and protected through evolution as well as attacked and destroyed. People need to have fear in order to be attacked. Such a mind opener - take a view!
QHHT: Guardians of Karma on COVID 19, Quarantine and New Earth.

This is a segment from the Quantum healing hypnosis session: "Messages from the Collective." The Guardians of Karma speak about the real purpose of COVID-19 and Quarantine, which is an opportunity for humanity to stop in their track and see what they're doing, where they're going so that they can make a wise decision to grow-up and take responsibility.
An Important Message from Life As a Butterfly
A profound life purpose and a message revealed through the simple life of a butterfly. "What is your life purpose? "Just being a butterfly!" How simple yet profound! Be yourself, as God created you to be. Trust Him and enjoy your life then joy, happiness and freedom will naturally become your intrinsic qualities. Wow! Take a listen.
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