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Through the Clouds by Erin Aslin

Through The Clouds
by Erin Aslin
ISBN 10: 0989009718
ISBN 13: 978-0989009713


Lisa Trubin discovers the man she fell in love with is not all he seemed to be. Can she find the strength within to break free from a narcissist?

Review Excerpts:

"Author Erin Aslin shows great insight as a teacher of life's tests. Recommended as a compelling spiritual read."

—Diana Faillace Von Behren 

"Erin Aslin in her debut novel pens a tale that will touch your very soul with Through the Clouds."

—Debra Guyette

"It's a joy to read a story that reveals both our humanity (such as the challenges of relationship) and spiritual truths that ring true in the heart. These two weave a rich experience for the reader."

Alexandra Kennedy


Lisa Trubin, a thirty-year-old single mother, is happy with her life. She works as a massage therapist to support her son, Irving, and although her life isn't the easiest, she doesn't feel as though it's lacking in anything. Then she meets Mark Wally, an attractive, confident and seductive man who overwhelms and excites her. As she falls in love with him, she realizes that she had been longing for something: a father for her son, a man to protect and support her, and a way to complete her family. But as Lisa gets to know Mark better, and their relationship progresses, she suspects that he's not the man she thought he was.


Readers will be inspired by the unfolding of Lisa's story, which is told in this insightful debut novel from writer Erin Aslin. Written from the heart, this story will appeal to a diverse audience, especially women, inspiring them to awaken to their dysfunctional relationships, and to see that there is always light at the end of the tunnel. This novel is based on a true-life story.

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