Through the Clouds by Erin Aslin

Through The Clouds
by Erin Aslin
ISBN 10: 0989009718
ISBN 13: 978-0989009713
Publisher: White Pebble, Inc.


In a compelling examination of emotional abuse, the story follows Lisa Trubin, a strong, compassionate single mother who meets and marries Mark Wally—a handsome, professional man who slowly brainwashes her into believing that he has her best interests at heart. Their relationship begins like a true love story, except for those glimpses of his inner self that are occasionally revealed, but that she dismisses. As their life together unfolds, Mark’s controlling, disturbed nature reveals itself, but even then Lisa mistakes it for the vulnerability and insecurity of an otherwise candid and noble man, believing that her love is the only cure he needs. She devotes her energy and her heart to him, but no matter how hard she tries, it seems she can’t pull off everything. Mark has betrayed her. He has carefully manipulated her until he has taken complete control of her life, leaving Lisa dependent on his will. Lisa must struggle to do the right thing for both herself and her son, and in the process she discovers the strength she has within.

What are  "mysterious" reasons that made her fall in love with this man? What kept her blind to his manipulative abusive behavior? What kept her on float when her willpower and life energy have been depleted? What has given her guidance and the strength to go through this experience and emerge a new?


These are the questions Lisa has pondered and those are questions the author hopes the reader would contemplate searching for answers to life questions. if this novel helps at least one reader Erin Aslin will be glad she has written it.

Reviews Excerpts:

Beneath the mundane recanting of a-day-in-the-lives of characters Lisa and Mark, author Erin Aslin shows great insight as a teacher of life's tests. Recommended as a compelling spiritual read."

--Diana Faillace Von Behren --