What is past life regression? Past Life Regression helps us discover what had happened in our past lives that negatively affect our current lives, understand the purpose of these experiences and learn from them, discharge negative emotions and beliefs, heal and change our lives for the better.  The root cause of impediments in our current lives is very often tracked back to our past lives. Our past lives memories, experiences, emotions and beliefs are stored on a subtle, cellular level that is available to our subconscious mind. They can influence our current lives in a negative way without us realizing why things are the way they are and what can we do to change it. Past Life Regression is an effective process for resolving emotional distress such as depression, anxiety, fears and phobias, health concerns, relationship problems, financial dilemma, indecisiveness, old patterns and bad habits.

How does past life regression work?  Under the trance past life regression takes an individual to the most appropriate time and place to relive events that resonate into their current lives. Individuals can “travel” through their past or future lives, or earlier times in the current life as well as through the different dimensions, other realms of our convoluted Universe, and beyond. On this journey they can meet with those close to them in the current life, or their beloved who crossed over, and have other unexpected and profound encounters. They'll be able to relive their experiences in any form, shape, object or being – presently known or unknown to them, take lessons from these experiences and heal through forgiveness, realization, and love. Throughout the entire experience our Higher Self/Subconscious (HS/SC) is beside us – guiding, protecting, comforting.