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“You are not your mind.”― Eckhart Tolle

~Healing Through Forgiveness, Realization & Love~

Quantum Healing Hypnosis is the modality in which you are able to access your other lifetimes to understand the root-cause of the impediments in your present life, to release your emotional blockages and to heal through forgiveness, realization and love. It's a way to receive the Higher guidance and direction on your true path, deep energetic healing and physical healing of all that is no longer serving your highest good. Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) & Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) modalities are used to connect you to your Higher Self that leads to an amazing journey of your consciousness through time and space and truly is a way of finding that all answers and healing lie within.  

In her sessions, Irene's gently puts you under the trance - deep meditative state, the theta state of your mind.  Under the trance, your Higher Self shows you the most appropriate time and place to relive events that resonate into your present life. You can “travel” through your past or future lives, earlier times in the current life, life between lives, as well as through the different dimensions, other realms of our convoluted Universe, and beyond. On this journey you can meet with those close to you in the current life, or your beloved who crossed over, and have other unexpected and profound encounters. You'll be able to relive your experiences in any form, shape, object or being – presently known or unknown to you, take lessons from these experiences and heal through forgiveness, realization, and love. You'll be in a close contact with your Higher Self and will receive explanations and answers to your essential questions, as well as healing and guidance. If applicable, entity/spirit attachment will be released with the help of Archangel Realm. 

So, Quantum Healing Hypnosis session's an opportunity for you to not only go through your past or future lives, life between lives and so on, but also is an opportunity to understand the root-cause of impediments in your current life as they relate to the events in your other lifetimes, take lessons, and heal through forgiveness, realization and love. It’s also an opportunity for you to get in-touch with your Higher Self to receive healing and guidance during the session and going forward.


The session consists of 3 parts and take on average 3.5 - 4.5 hrs:

1. Pre-talk/interview (1-1.5 hr) 

  • As Intuitive, Irene will be channeling your Higher Self who'll be leading the discussion.  Irene will be talking with you about your life, your childhood, relationships, and impediments in your present life. She'll also review with you the list of questions you'll bring for your Higher Self helping to clarify/combine/expand where is needed. During this preliminary part some of your questions might already be answered.

  • After short restroom break the next part - Quantum past life regression hypnosis itself will follow.

2. Quantum past life regression hypnosis itself (1.5-2hr). This part is recorded and given to you to listen to it at home.

  • In this part, you'll be put under the trance - a deep meditative state (theta waives of your brain.) Irene will be using her guiding voice and energy channeled from the Higher Vibrational Realm to release your energy blocks and to deepen relaxation so that you may experience your journey through time and space to the fullest, and receive answers, healing and guidance from your Higher Self without your ego interjecting.

  • After short restroom break, and some water/snack, the Post-talk part will follow.

3. Post-talk (45min - 1hr)

  • In this part, Irene will go with you over the key points of the hypnosis part of the session. She'll give you your recording to take home with you to listen and to follow instructions from your Higher Self that are on your recordings.

Price: $500 Family & Friends discount: $45 each

To book your private session, click the "Get in Touch" button: 



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