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“You are not your mind.”― Eckhart Tolle

Quantum Healing is the modality in which you are able to access and receive the Higher guidance, direction on your true path, deep energetic healing and physical healing of all that is no longer serving your highest good. Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) & Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) modalities are used to connect you to your Subconscious/ Higher Self that leads to an amazing journey of your consciousness and truly is a way of finding that all answers and healing lie within. 

Under the trance, your Higher Self takes you to the most appropriate time and place to relive events that resonate into your current life. You can “travel” through your past or future lives, earlier times in the current life, life between lives, as well as through the different dimensions, other realms of our convoluted Universe, and beyond. On this journey you can meet with those close to you in the current life, or your beloved who crossed over, and have other unexpected and profound encounters.You'll be able to relive your experiences in any form, shape, object or being – presently known or unknown to you, take lessons from these experiences and heal through forgiveness, realization, and love. If applicable, entity/spirit attachment will be released with the help of Archangel Realm. Throughout the entire experience your Higher Self/Subconscious (HS/SC) is beside you – guiding, protecting, comforting.

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Fees: $500           PROMO: $30 off family & friends discount.

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