What is past life regression?  Simply put, it’s a journey into “unknown...” or rather “forgotten" - a journey through time and

space that reveals information our Higher Self finds most suitable and beneficial for us at this moment of time. This information and experience serve as a catalyst in our healing process that once started can never be reverted.                         


Past life regression takes an individual to the most appropriate time and place to relive events that resonate into their current lives. Individuals can “travel” through their past or future lives, or earlier times in the current life as well as through the different dimensions, other realms of our convoluted Universe, and beyond. On this journey they can meet with those close to them in the current life, or their beloved who crossed over, and have other unexpected and profound encounters. They'll be able to relive their experiences in any form, shape, object or being – presently known or unknown to them, take lessons from these experiences and heal through forgiveness, realization, and love. Throughout the entire experience our Higher Self/Subconscious (HS/SC) is beside us – guiding, protecting, comforting. 


Intuitive counseling is a consultation in which the client is put in touch with their guidance forces to assist him/her in finding clarity in almost any situation or circumstance. The Intuitive counselor utilizes intuition to uncover what the client senses but may not be consciously aware of and guides the client deeper into the unconscious layers of stored emotions to bring to awareness what needs to be released. 


· Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, Level 2 Practitioner, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Academy

· Beyond Quantum Healing Practitioner, Beyond Quantum Healing

· Intuitive Counselor, Reiki Awakening Academy

· Crystal Healing Practitioner, Udemy


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