Quantum Hypnotherapy & Past Life Regression 

(Language: English)
  • Releasing Fear of Loneliness

  • Reclaim Life Back

  • The Importance of True Forgiveness & Compassion 

  • Fulfilled life purpose 

(Language: Russian)
  • We should take care of those we love (Надо заботиться о людях которых мы любим)

Conversation with Client's SC/HS

  • What is the reason of choosing this particular Past Life? 

  • Teaching by Negative Energy


  • Trusting the Process

  • The Fear of Loneliness


Amazing Heart Centered Connection!

I had a session with Irene today and thoroughly enjoyed it! Being a very heart centered being, it was easy to feel supported and the energy of sincere love and care. She carried me to a past life and supported me in being able to receive clear messages from my Higher Self which was absolutely wonderful! Their is a specific event that I finally feel I have solid explanations and understandings about. Thank you Irene!

Christine S. Feb 10, 2019

Past life regression

Dear Irene, thank you for a wonderful past life experience. You are a caring, thoughtful, and very spiritual guide. I am pleased with my results and I have you to thank for it. You are truly special!

M.L June 20, 2019

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