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Coronavirus-Messages from the Higher Realm.

In this Video Irene Erin Aslin shares the messages from the Higher Realm received in this unprecedented time through her channeling and in the Quantum Healing Hypnosis/Past Life Regression sessions with her clients. The quintessence of the messages is for humanity to stop our preoccupation with stuff and things that are made up to be important and start focusing our attention and actions on what is really important: love, compassion. The Light Beings of the Higher Realm want us to continue to believe that positive changes are coming. To keep our heart chakras open breaking down those barriers. To be patient with ignorant and continue believing they can change. Do NOT let negativity and fear take hold of us. And to know that the Light Beings of the Higher Realm are always here walking our path with us. They want us to now this and trust that we're never ever alone. If you have questions about your life path, your personal situation, or need help with decision making - the Quantum Healing Hypnosis/Past Life regression OR Intuitive Counseling sessions are for you. 

The Grace of God| Direct Experience of God Essence. You Are The Infinite Consciousnesses. In this video Irene Erin Aslin shares her direct experience of the Truth - Direct revelation by the grace of God.  

Past Life Regression| Overview| Benefits| Examples.

Quantum Healing Hypnosis/Past Life regression helps to transform our lives. There is a great opportunity to understand the root-cause of life impediments in relation to our previous incarnations, take lessons and heal through forgiveness, realization & love. And of course, to feel the support of the Higher Vibration Beings, to connect with the Higher Self to receive answers, advice & healing.

How To Let Go The Fear of Loneliness. Inspired by the past life regression session with the client that healed her fear of loneliness for good ( "Quantum Hypnotherapy session - Releasing Fear of Loneliness" audio clip posted on this page channel.) Fear of Loneliness, according to the statistical data, is one of the major causes of depression, anxiety, and other emotional/mental disorders. What is it this fear then? Where it comes from? Where it derives its power from? Is there anything we can do to release its dreaded hold of us? The purpose of this video is to attempt to inquire into these questions so that to see if the loneliness is in fact this big scary monster as the fear of it portrays or perhaps it's rather our allies on our way to freedom, peace, love.

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